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Trip Talk - The Kids' Turn...


What are we going to do on this trip? I don’t know.

Are we going to fight? Yes.

Is it going to be hard? Yes.

Will we have fun? Absolutely.

This trip is going to be long, it will be tough, but we will have more fun than we’ve ever had before. It will be a lifelong memory, from PA to CA, there will be lots of farms and deserts but there will also be fun stops from the Pro Football Hall of Fame to the Rockies. This trip will be an adventure. I have had fun planning out our stops and sticking black pins in our definite stops and clear pins in our possible stops. This trip is a prime example of it is not always about the destination but the journey. While I'm beyond excited for California, I am more excited for how we are going to get there. I am going to see things I've never seen before, from the beautiful beaches of Coronado Island, to the hours of farms in the Midwest. This trip is going to expose us to every corner of the US. All of the different views on life. The different names for stores, and fast-food chains. So the moral of the story is, sometimes the journey outshines the destination.


When my mom said no meat or fast food on our cross country trip I immediately She explained to me that when we feel that our bodies need meat we will try to find a place where the meat is fresh and real and not processed or bought from a factory. The fast food part was not a shock for me, we don’ t really like fast food! I can’ t even remember the last time we went to fast food and we haven’t gone to a fast food chain for a long time and I don’t really have the urge to go anytime soon. I like french fries and we won’ t be eating that across the country either, that will be hard, but I think we will be fine without that. I asked my Mom about drinks and breakfast and she reminded me that there would be no soda or lemonade, which would be fine because we maybe get a sugary drink once a month. I said that I would need something other than water the whole time. My Dad said I could still have My FAVORITE Kombucha or seltzer. All of these topics seem tricky, but I remind myself that we can do this as long as we put ourselves in situations that are welcoming and accepting of what we are doing. And I am so incredibly excited for this once in a lifetime trip.


It’s going to be hard in the car for eight weeks. I am excited that we are going to visit some cousins and aunts (you know, those "friends kind of family").

KG: How do you feel about not eating fast food?

R: It is going to be easy because we never really eat those.

KG: What do you think you will eat along this trip?

R: Things that we usually eat and some more healthy things, like carrots, not that much broccoli, not that much junk, not that much kale, sometimes I’ll have lettuce.

KG: What do you think we should do on breaks outside the car?

R: What I usually do….. Play, be outside, walk the dog, hikes, playgrounds.

KG: How will you find calmness during a crazy, chaotic trip?

R: I’ll probably take naps, sometimes not, read, Nintendo Switch, drawing.

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