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Work With Kara

I am a Health Coach and a parent to three kids. I'm constantly pivoting, changing, and refocusing our mission in our own home. 

Through my training and experience, I will provide guided coaching, accountability and support to make the changes that feel right for you.

How will you spark changes in your life?
What is working for you?
What is the change you want to see in yourself?
Work with Kara and Kris

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I make it easy for you to do the right thing

I will help you with a starting point that feels comfortable within your lifestyle, not the latest diet or exercise trend.


I will provide support in areas that you don’t think you can change or that you feel will trap you back in old habits. 

I will also help plan on ways to sustain these changes to provide long term benefits for you, one step at a time.

What We Do
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WHY I'm Different

I walk the walk with you

We have committed as a family to living a healthy and happy life. 


It is important to me that the knowledge and benefit of this lifestyle cascades down to our children. 


While it might not always look pretty or go the way I think it will, I can say that these changes can be made and have happened in ways I’d never have expected.

Why We're Different

WHO I Work With

Coaching individuals to meet their goals

Working on changes individually is an amazing start, and we will support you on your path to getting the results you want.  


Who We Work With

LET'S Get Started

Progress, not perfection

I want to hear about your goals. I want you to share them with me, and then write them down in your favorite journal.

While it might sound simple, this first step is proven progress towards the changes you're looking for. 


Sign up for your health history review and consultation so we can start this journey together.

Let's Get Started
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