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The Social Media Slip

2021 KSquared Health Coaching business brand identity tour: Three kids and a puppy in a Honda Pilot traveling closely together on a budget while creating lifelong memories and habits.

Yes, we will do the best we can.

The best we can means we can certainly do it all, just not at the same time.

The daily cross country checklist, blog posts and social media posts were quickly and notably very difficult to maintain while driving, parenting, navigating, puppy playing, movie inserting, working, empowering clients, food doling, KSquared marketing, volunteering our time for Kennett Community Grocer, business branding, touring local community grocers, studying, packing, unpacking, reading, resting, Zoom meetings, market researching, noise policing, interviewing, sightseeing, bathroom scheduling, fight mediating and more importantly enjoying the moment as we experienced it all, together.

So, the social media slip was not so slippery after all, it was serendipitously strategic.

We, together, could not possibly stay positive and complete all that we had positioned ourselves for, so we pivoted. This pandemic buzz word is inserted here strategically. The checklist that pointed out our core principles (Love, Nourish, Move, Breathe, Laugh, & Prosper) were never going to be successful with both the business and family expectations. We were ultimately taking quarantine from a house to a car with the same people, and this was designed to be fun!

We were not setting the stage for success, and all of our clients know this comes up in every health coaching session. We heard our own voices. We walked our own walk and realized we couldn't walk like this. We became aware of what needed to give: social media.

Do we apologize? No.

We hope you enjoyed the pause on our social media feed this summer and took time to hear and feel your memories. Want to know more about our trip? Stay tuned, because we have more content than we can handle without a team of ten social media experts. Let us know if you're interested in joining our team!

Kara & Kris

KSquared Health Coaching Road Warriors

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