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Broccoli Sprouts

Everything you need to start growing your own broccoli sprouts is available on Amazon.  I typically have one jar growing while we eat the last "crop"....might have to go to two jars soon!

Broccoli Sprouts
  1. Measure out 3 T of broccoli seeds into your Mason jar

  2. Soak seeds in water overnight (with sprouting lid on jar)

  3. Drain the water, give the seeds a quick rinse, then drain again (shaking out as much water as you can.

  4. Sit the jar upside down (at a slight angle) in a bowl lined with a dish towel

  5. Repeat the rinse and drain cycle for ~3 - 5 days and let nature do her work.

  6. When the sprouts are ~1 - 2" long, shake them out of the jar into a storage container - they're ready to eat!


  • Mason jar

  • Sprouting lid

  • Broccoli sprouting seeds

  • Water

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