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Kara and Kris Gibbons

We work with couples to spark changes individually while supporting one another in all areas of their lives—together.

Based on a study from the American Society of Training and Development, you're 95% more likely to achieve your goals when working together with a partner.

You have the loving and supportive partner,
we'll do the coaching!

Why is Health Coaching important for couples and families?

"In my profession working with kids often entails teaching them skills to manage their emotions. However, far too often these skills are not supported or reinforced at home. Likewise, in conversations with parents they often feel stuck and unsure how to best encourage and support their children. I believe health coaching is a natural answer to this problem as it allows both kids and parents the space to work towards common goals and better not only their individual emotional health but the overall health and well being of their entire family."

Alyson Turner, LMHC
School Adjustment Counselor/School Social Worker


Individual Goals


Supporting Each Other


Long Term Changes

What is the change you want to see in you?
How can you and your partner encourage each other?

We are Health Coaches and parents to three kids and we get it—we've supported each other through many changes in our lives. 

Supporting each other is the key, and we will coach you on ways to use that support to reach your goals. 

Through our training and experience, we will provide guided coaching and accountability to help you make the changes that feel right for you.

We want to talk with you and see where you are. We want to understand your goals and how we can help guide you to achieve them.

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Let's talk about what a Health Coach provides, and see if this is a good fit for you. We will also talk about the features of our family health coaching program, and what benefits it will have for you and your family.


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Meet Kara and Kris
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Kara is a holistic health coach that found the passion to help others through her own life's  journey.

Kris Gibbons


Kris is a health coach in training that heard his calling during the pandemic. 

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What People Say

Kara is more than just a health coach. She is a champion of the self, an advocate for self-discovery, a quiet force that encourages you to dig deep to uncover your best self. She knows how to push her clients to challenge themselves, and it is here that her nurturing, joyful manner shines through.


Kris always works with a balanced approach. He achieves realistic goals by combining his grounded perspective and strong ability to listen.


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