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From a Layoff to a New Opportunity!

Until recently, I’ve been following a career path that I originally thought would ultimately bring me happiness and fulfillment. Back in 1995, without very much more as a reason than getting good grades in math and chemistry classes in high school, I decided on chemical engineering as my major and career of choice and headed off to college. After finishing my degree, I headed off to the “glamorous” world of working in chemical plants and oil refineries.

While working in this industry helped provide a wonderful life for my family, I always had a nagging feeling that this wasn’t my path. I can’t even tell you how many times I sat in yet another mind-numbing meeting, looked around at coworkers that were 10 or 20 years my senior, and thought, “I really don’t want to still be here even 5 years from now, let alone 20!” However, instead of doing the real work of deciding what career would fulfill me, I let my “reactive self” persuade me that getting an MBA would spark that change. Well, spoiler alert, fast-forward 6 years after finishing that degree and I was still in the same type of job and was still struggling through those same mind-numbing meetings.


Now for an actual plot twist...in late 2020, I was laid off from my job as the economy continued to struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic. This layoff definitely brought its own share of challenges, but also came as somewhat of a relief. I had been pushing off the realization that I needed to make a big change in my career to be a happier and more fulfilled person. This was the push I needed to make this change, and I’m confident that this is the beginning of a new and exciting part of my life - starting a health coaching business with my wife, continuing to learn about nutrition, fitness, meditation, and overall health - areas that truly interest me, not just those that I got good grades in, and connecting with my family, nature, and the world at large in ways that were limited in my past career.

After the layoff, I started blogging to help capture all the moods I was experiencing. Writing out my thoughts was a great way to help deal with this situation, and I used this motivation to keep writing posts that I thought would be helpful to others in a similar situation. The journey to completely change careers to the world of health and wellness is definitely challenging, and I feel that documenting my shift towards my true self was worth the time.

My goal is to provide insights that have been helpful to me while working on these changes in the hope that they will provide a benefit to anyone else who’s dealing with a similar situation. Making this career and life change during the COVID-19 pandemic provides another set of stresses to work through, and I want to help others find resources that have helped me in this process.

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